Monday, June 16, 2014

Apolo art colony, Albania

International Art Colony


Held in Fier, Albania between 06 – 13 june 2014. The fifth edition of this colony involves artists from figurative art and it is considered very important event been an annual artistic tradition which brings new values and artistic inspirations.
The activity is organized by “ANTIK Association” in cooperation with Fier Municipality.
Saimir AHMETI, Project Manager

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   Colony exhibition 

 12 June, Art Galery at Fier City




  Colony best moments

Designed by Iskra Beličanska


 PO-PO ISM is a 21st century art movement that originated with a group of Darzeza,Fier-based crazy artists, mentioned above in the poster (Alexandra, Emy, Lindita, Daria, Ajla, Gabriele, Belgin, Safet, Nehat, Osman, Iskra, Lubjana, Clemens, Muhamet, Refki, Leonid, Abdulla and of course me with our head manager Saimir). Their craziness, their work, their love for the sea and sea-food, their love for the dance-floor and the exhibition at the end brought them to prominence, in spite the opposition from the conventional art community in the world . The name of the style typographically speaking derives from the passion and love that these artists showed for the most perfect letter of the alphabet – the grande letter O . This letter was an inspiration for the artists during their work , besides PO PO in Albanian means YES YES and in German maybe Gabriele can help us, so long life and cheers to the great PO PO Art!
 Nora Halimi 25 June at 23:50