Saturday, August 11, 2018

My summer experience with JAYE Malta foundation

JAYE Malta Foundation is a non-profit organisation specialising in delivering "learning by doing" entrepreneurship programmes to young people (aged 8 to 30) in Malta and Gozo.


JAYE is currently running summer programmes out there at various SkolaSajf centers on the island. The programmes are adapted for the particular age group in an attempt to make them as fun yet knowledgeable as possible.

One of the programmes is ‘Our Community’, which is an interactive method of helping 8-10 year olds understand the basic concepts and importance of a community. 


By delivering the programme we have seen we have seen students who had no idea of the concepts of entrepreneurship develop the right skills and attitudes to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

I believe in the importance of JAYE as it provokes personal growth and provides young people with tools for success.