Sunday, April 11, 2010

Open air gallery in Porto, Tatoo shop by Iskra Beličanska

Bolhão no Coração

Artistic content
A group of creative individuals from Portugal and the EU assume thesis regarding the degradation of public spaces and the relationship between the people who use these spaces in order to apply it to a concrete location - The old market of Porto "Bolhao" as an art action "Bolhao in our harts"
Throughout workshop, discussions and first hand contact with the local inhabitants thy explored the social, historical and artistic aspects of the space
For a period of 10 days artists from across Europe were staying in the open house working, cooking, eating, sleeping and shearing their views on art, politics and social questions.With help and inspiration from the local market salesmen the group created simple unexpected and sometimes humorous actions, performances and installations in order to remind the costumers as well as the salesmen them shelf of the value of the market place and the people who use it as a space for social contact and a space for exchange of much more then just fruits vegetables and money

TATOO SHOP by Iskra Beličanska

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  1. Organized by Kud Ljud in colaboration with Studio osem