Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Mobile Global Exhibition

Macedonian selection

Painting by Iskra Beličanska

Bug Mara is designed by nature to bring lack to people. To do so, she needs to spreed her wings, she needs to fly. Now days Bug Mara,s are affected by fashion. Because of that, somehow this Bug Mara ended up with a zipper attach to her wings.

At first this gave her a lot of troubles, but she kept telling her shelf, that to suffer a bit for fashion must be worthed .. haw else she will be up to day...

As time goes by, she became aware of her limitation. She was not able to fly any more and if she couldn't do that, she couldn't bring luck to the people. That made her very sad. She was now contemporary Bug Mara, beautiful and fashionable but without purpose in her life, living against her thru nature.

I hope she will menage one day to unzip her wings and to fly again.

Of coarse that could be difficult because as we all know, her legs can not reach her beck and while truing that, she can turn over  on her beck and than, she is in bigger trouble. ...forget about flying, in that position she can not even walk, not to mention that without extra help she will found difficult to put her feet on the ground... That will make her easy pray for the predators.

Let;s hope that somebody will find her and help her stand on her feet . Then he will notice the zipper and he will unzipped her wings. Not because he is such a good person, but because he would want to make a wish and in order to do so, he needs to set her free. Then all he has to say is »fly fly Bag Mara, bring me......« and there is our happy and.

 I hope that Bug Mara will be more cleaver in the future and learn that going against ones nature is dangerous. I also hope for our hero that saves Bug Mara, that his wish will come true. If not i hope that he will be happy anyway, because he set free Bug Mara!

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